Summertime’s Calling Me Anthology – Catalinas


Anthology featuring favorites recorded by the Catalinas

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Anthology:  The Catalinas – Summertime’s Calling Me

  1. Hey Little Girl
  2. Ring Of Stars
  3. Wooly Wolly Willie
  4. You Haven’t The Right
  5. Who Knows Better
  6. Too Strong
  7. Blue Horizon
  8. Let Me Be The Man I Want To Be
  9. Summertime’s Calling Me
  10. Miss Grace
  11. Part Time Party Time Man
  12. Ain’t No Big Thing
  13. Rainy Day Bells
  14. Dancin’ Romancin’
  15. Facts Of Love
  16. Gunning For Love
  17. I’ve Never Found A Girl
  18. Line Up
  19. They Call Me Mr. Bassman
  20. Say My Name
  21. WhatJaDo That Fo’
  22. Hang Up My Rock N Roll Shoes

Released  1994

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