Anthology William Dell and Wee Jams


William Dell and Wee Jams Anthology

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Anthology William Dell and Wee Jams

  • Most of Those Pretty Young Girls (Keith Fowler-Michael Pettway) Helleriqui Music
  • I Love Only You (Edd Henry) Five Pennies Pub.
  • Peepin’ Through the Window (Rosemarie Mc Coy) Sanavan Music
  • I Used To Cry Mercy Mercy (Rudolph Toombs) Hill and Range Songs\
  • Nothing Can Stop Me (Curtis Mayfield) Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp
  • Red Rose Tea (Rob Brooks-Danny Bond) Brookbond LTD
  • I’ll Always Love You (Williamson Stevenson-Ivy Jo Hunter) Jobete Music Co Inc
  • Drive It Home (Harold Paige) Hill and Range Songs
  • I Want a Man To Dance With Me (W J Moore) It’s a Hit Music
  • I Don’t Want To Hear It (John Conwell-Mick Colbert-Zack Graham-Ike Pulliam) Hangara/ Stockbridge Music
  • She’s Ready (Glen Sutton-Billy Sherrill) EMI Algee Music
  • Lonely Summer (Irving Kosloff-Andrea Kasha) Regent/ TMIB Music
  • You’ll Lose a Precious Love (William Robinson) Jobete Music Co. Inc
  • Need Your Love (J D Wright-Charles Mc Kee) Mercedez Music
  • Abigale (Cal Washington) One O’clock Music
  • Patti Ann (Hal Haughn-William Dell) Maplemania Music
  • Something Old Something New (William Dell) Maplemania Music

The group was founded in 1964 by current member Barry Haughin and performed initially as The In Crowd in and around their hometown Pittsburgh , Pa. by 1966 vocalist William Dell, had been added, a group name change engineered, and soon their first 45, a beautiful harmony reading of the great Temptations ballad. You’ll Lose a Precious Love? , was cut and released on ABC Paramount Records, a major label that carried a staunch roster of R and B talent including The Tams, The Marvellos, Lloyd Price, Ray Charles, Steve Alaimo and The Impressions , among many others. Great company indeed!! The group steadily built a loyal following and were particularly noted for their tremendous street corner harmonizing in the doowop tradition, performing many of the standards of the day, and writing gems of their own. The act backed and performed with an impressive array of nationally known talent that included the likes of Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Dells, The Drifters, Frankie Ford, The Penguins, The Flamingos, and Harvey Fuqua and The Moonglows, always riding the fence between doopwop and traditional R n B, and entertaining fans wherever they played. The group in recent years has gotten serious again about their recording career, and issued a nice string of tunes that have gained significant favor with the Carolina Beach Music crowd. Topping this list is their beautiful cover of Barry White’s 1964 original Most of Those Pretty Young Girls, with I Love Only You, Peepin’ Through the Window. Patti Ann and Nothing Can Stop Me garnering major spins as well.


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