Which Way To The Beach


Compilation by KHP Music featuring Various Artists – Released in 2021


Spring Summer 2021 release for KHP Music

1. Sho Nuf Do – Tim Cashion
(Tim Cashion) Courtesy of Lake Must ASCAP
2. Summertime – Scott Fine
(I. Gershwin, D. Heywood) Courtesy of KHP Music and Scott Fine Productions
3. Which Way To The Beach – Bo Schronce
(Jeffrey Lynn Reid & Bo Schronce) Courtesy of Bo Schronce & JLR Productions
4. (You Got Me) Dangling On A String – The Six Piece Suits
(Dunbar, Wayne) Courtesy of Kyle Hooks and the Six Piece Suits Band
5. Sweet Summertime – Roger Smith
(Roger W. Smith) Courtesy of Roger W. Smith BMI
6. This Ole Heart Of Mine – Jeff Ayers featuring Maggie Coble
(Holland, Dozier, Holland, S. Moy) Courtesy of Jeff Ayers Music Productions
7. What About Me – R. Mark Black
(R. Mark Black) Courtesy of Dr. Bill Balance & R. Mark Black
8. I Miss You Babe – Christina Cooper Black
(Charlie Sattenfield) Courtesy of Tim Sidden Productions
9. Juke Joint Jimmy’s – Martin Davis Band featuring Bill Lyerly
(Bill Lyerly) Courtesy of Band Jeu Jew Records
10. Dancin’ By The Ocean – The Uptown Boys
(Mike Foster) Courtesy of JMF Productions
11. I Can’t Satisfy You – Delta Riders featuring Joe Graziani
(Joe Graziani) Courtesy of Daybreak Records
12. I Must Be Dreaming – Andy Swindell & Sylvia Johns Richie
(H.A. Swindell Jr.) Courtesy of Swoontune Music, BMI
13. Been There, Done That – Tim Clark
(Tim Clark, Brandon Clark) Courtesy of Traffic Sound Studios, Tim Clark Band Production
14. I’ll Find A Love – Mike Taylor & Julius Pittman
(Julius Pittman, Kelly Mose) Courtesy of All Right Buddy Productions
15. Shimmy Shimmy – Harold Smith & The Four Knights Orchestra
(Harold Smith) Courtesy of KHP Music and Four Knights Music Productions
16. Last Chance – Silk Groove Revue
(Robert Marion AKA Uncle Rob) Courtesy of Silk Groove Entertainment
17. Lonely Drifter – William Dell & The Weejams
(E. Levert, W. Williams) Courtesy of Stacy’s Golden Wax

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