Thinking About You


Compilation CD by KHP Music featuring 14 songs


Thinking About You

1. Shadow Shaggin’-Tommy Black & Blooze
2. Love Thang-Tim Clark Band
3. Thinking About You-Fantastic Shakers
4. I’ve Got Nothing To Loose-The Magnificents
5. Ooo Baby Baby-the Summerdaze Band
6. Put Your Records On-Mark Roberts & The Breeze Band
7. Works Both Ways-the Extraordinaires
8. Nice While It Lasted-Rick Strickland
9. Such A Beautiful Girl-Wallstreet
10. Satisfy My Soul-Albert Rogers
11. Outta Control-Doug Winstead
12. Green River-Shaggie Maggie
13. Everybody Needs Love-Goldrush with Jerry Shooter
14. I Got A Feelin’, Rockin & Reelin’-Wallstreet


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