Anthology – Swingin’ Medallions


Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)

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Anthology: The Swingin’ Medallions : Vintage
1. Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)
(Edited Worst Morning After Version)
2. Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)
(Worst Hangover Version w/Studio Chatter Into
– An Original Take)
1. She Drives Me Out Of My Mind
2. Hey Hey Baby
3. I Want To Be Your Guy
4. You Gotta Have Faith
6. Where Can I Got To Get Soul
7. Night Owl
8. What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
9. I Don’t Want To Lose You
10. Hang On Sloopy
11. Louie Louie
12. You Baby
13. I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
14. Here It Comes Again
15. Rollin’ Rovin’ River
16. I’m Gonna Make Her Mine


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