I Could Dance All Night – II


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I Could Dance All Night – II

1. On and Off-The Pat Carpenter Band
2. Real Man-The Coppertones
3. In The Summer Moonlight-The Entertainers
4. You Got Me Workin Day And Night-The Carousels
5. Just Another Day In The Breeze-Second Nature
6. Break Out The Tears-Angel Rissoff
7. Drink Up-Big Time Party Band
8. Dancing Girl-Johnny Hilton
9. Highway Number 9-Tharold Huffman
10. Shad Could Really Boogie-The Extraordinaires
11. I Need A Walk On The Beach-The Mixed Emotions
12. Movin On-Terrie Gore
13. Billy’s Club Savoy-The Out Of Towners
14. Carolina Tan-Greg Mosley
15. Let Your Light-The Boykin Brothers


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