Coastline Classic Volume 1/2/3

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Get this 3 Volume Set of Coastline Classics – 3 CDs in a Special Offering featuring the best of Jim Quick & Coastline


Vol. 1

You’re The Boss, You’re The Best . My Fault . I’m Looking For A Love  Gonna Take A Vacation . Cool Me Out . She Poured It On . RoadRunner  Roll The Dice . Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay . Late At Night  It’s Gonna Rain . All The Time In The World . Old Love  Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool Ya . Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

Vol. 2

New Old Songs . It’s Drive Time (In the metro world) . Got Me Going  It’s Summertime . My Little Lucy . Sweat . Tiki Bar Is Open  Take Me Home . Along For The Ride . Somebody To Love You  Won’t Stop for Nothing . Swamps of the Old Santee  Loveless . Take It All . Don’t Do It Here

Vol. 3

Sweet Mama Do Right . Old Flames . Turn Myself In . Hold It Down  Little Bit Of Money . Mississippi Mud . Jumpin’ The Jetty  Callin’ . Sugar Cookies . Turn Me Over . Angeline  I Told You Everything . Tennessee . Rough God Goes Riding  All That Matters To Me

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1 review for Coastline Classic Volume 1/2/3

  1. Bo the Webguy

    If you have been a fan from the beginning, you know most of these songs by heart.

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