Boppin and Rockin


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Boppin and Rockin

1. She Makes Me Feel Good – Big John Thompson (KHP Music Group & OMR Songs)
2. Nine Times A Man – Mason Casey (Northern Blues Music Inc.)
3. Smoke House Brown – King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers (KHP Music Group & Jim Quick)
4. Long Legged Woman – Tommy Black Band (Tommy Black Music Productions)
5. The Bop – Ms Jody (Ecko South Publishing Company)
6. I Thought I Knew Her – Angel Rissoff (Rissoff Music BMI)
7. I’m Not Afraid – Paul Craver (KHP Music Group & Paul Craver)
8. Keep Singing The Blues – Chick Willis (Deep South Soul Records & Johnny Rawls Sr.)
9. Who’s Rockin’ You – Donnie Ray (Ecko South Publishing Company)
10. Comin’ Home – Fantasy (KHP Music Group & Fantasy Music)
11. Don’t Be Mad At Me – Carolina Soul Band (KHP Music Group & Carolina Soul Band Music)
12. Don’t You Wish It Was True – Albert Rogers (KHP Music Group & Albert Rogers)
13. Palmetto Groovin’ – Palmetto Groove (Palmetto Groove Publishing by Rick Osbon)
To simply say that KHP Music has released 13 Smokin’ tunes is an understatement. These songs aren’t just smokin,’ they’re on fire. Straight out of the package, the golden voice of Big John sets the stage for what’s to come as four national acts join today’s hottest artists including a brand spankin’ new song from King Tyrone and the Graveyard Ramblers. And if that’s not enough, newcomers (which you’ll soon discover they’ve been around for a while) the Carolina Soul Band will keep the dance floor hoppin’ while Coastline’s Albert Rogers takes an old John Fogerty song to new heights. Palmetto Groove wraps up the package with a groovin’ little tune that will surely keep you Boppin’ & Rockin’ right back to track one to keep the party going.


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