a Lil House Big Party




A Lil House Big Party

KHP is serving up 13 HOT songs that are sure to get your house rockin’. From the grooving voice of Bo Schronce on the first track, to the timely tribute to one Beach Music’s true legends General Johnson, as the final track. This Cd offfers a nonstop party for any music lover.

1. I Still Do- Fantastic Shakers

2. Lighten Up-Rhonda McDaniel

3. Open the Dooor to Your Heart – Angel Rissoff

4. Let’s Walk- Austin de Lone

5. Lil House Big Party – Soul Children

6. Every Day I Have To Cry Some – Paul Craver

7. Out of My Mind In Love – Rene’ Russell

8. Stuff You Got To Watch – Albert Rogers

9. Pour Me – Gary U.S. Bonds

10. I Found You Out – Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band

11. Lulu’s Chicken Shack – Ron Moody

12 I’ll Know Her When I See Her – North Tower

13. General Johnson – Sir Jonathan Burton


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