Where It All Began..and Continues - Various Artists
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Just Released July 28th, 2016, The Newest KHP Music Compilation


1 Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean Nichol Andrews
2 Right Kind of Woman (CSM) Andre' Lee
3 Oh Honey Jackie Gore & Rhonda McDaniel
4 I'm Gonna Love You Darlin' Carolina Breakers Feat Jerry Shooter
5 Run For Cover Sonja Grier
6 Baby Don't Go Phil Wilson & Karen Clayton
7 Pony Time [Sam West Dance Mix] Barrence Whitfield 
8 Forever My Love Paul Craver
9 Why You Wanna Do That  (CSM) Lomax
10 Be My Baby Tonight Debby Dobbins
11 Carolina Soul Slide Carolina SOUL Band
12 Back To You Simon Russell
13 Carolina for the Weekend Bantum Rooster
14 Made Up My Mind The Andy Swindell Coalition
15 Money Splash


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Where It All Began..and Continues - Various Artists

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