Take a Walk in the Sunshine - Various Artists
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  Title Artist
1 Down and Dirty Love Tams feat Lil Red
2 I Get the Sweetest Feeling Pat Christie
3 Don't Walk On By Sammy O'Banion
  ( Walk On By/It's Too Late )  
4 My Girl [Carolina Shag Mix] Andre' Lee
5 On The Way Out Jim Quick & Nichole Andrews
6 In Her Own Way Paul Craver
7 What Else Can It BE Rev Bubba & The CHP
8 Don't Give Up On Love Maria Howell
9 Take A Walk In the Sunshine Roy Hamilton
10 Everlasting Love Susan and Donny Trexler
11 Something Like Olivia Glenn Tippet of Coastline
12 Nothing Can Help You Know Jimmy & Darlene Harrison
13 Higher and Higher Bounce !
14 Love Is A Wonderful Thing Johnny Cobb
  Bonus Track - Previously Unrealesed  
15 Two Lonely People Willie Tee & Zipper


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Take a Walk in the Sunshine - Various Artists

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