Rickey Godfrey - Nasty Man
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Rickey Godfrey – Nasty Man Newest Cd in a long line of Classic Blues Material by lead vocalist and guitarist Rickey Godfrey. SC native transplanted to Nashville Tenn. He’s still churning out the hits. Released September 2010 RRGodfrey - NastyMas 1. I Want A Nasty Woman 2. Allergic To Min 3. Don’t Argue In the Kitchen 4. Heart On Fire 5. When Your Cool (the Sun Shines All The Time) 6. Don’t Get You Honey Where You Get Your Money 7. Fools Way Out 8. It’s A Good Night To Drink 9. Johnny Jones 10. Let’s Get Busy 11. Help Yourself To Me 12. It Can Happen To You
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Rickey Godfrey - Nasty Man

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