JD cash - Triple Shot of Rhythm and Blues
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J.D Cash – Triple Shot of Rhythm and Blues CD is a collection J.D. Cash’s favorite recording spanning many years in the music industry, from 1965 - 1998 - Most all of these song were released on 45's. 14 Solid hit songs from the era which includes The Bob Kuban and the Inmen hit as well as the South Star releases. Released Spring 1998 JDC-TripShotRandB 1. Triple Short of Rhythm and Blues 2. Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven 3. Lover's Holiday 4. Sit Down and Talk to Me 5. Fifty- Fifty 6. Since I Don’t have You 7. Never Gonna Give You Up 8. Once In A Lifetime Love 9. My Dancin' Shoes 10. Strollin On the Boardwalk 11. Baby You Got It 12. Seems Like Such A Long Time 13. Stubborn Kind of Fellow 14. Triple Shot – The Bob Kuban Brass
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JD cash - Triple Shot of Rhythm and Blues

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