JD Cash - Summer Place
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J.D Cash – Summer Place Cd Recorded over a 3 year period 1998-2001 know as the Barker Sessions. Johnny Baker produced the Cd, a super musician, vocalist and songwriter. His signature sound, production Skills and smooth arrangement have given the JD Cash style a fresh new start. Great songs And hits are found with these 10 tunes. Cd is loaded with some of the real players in the Beach Music Industry. Released April 2001 JDC-SumPlace 1. Theme from A Summer Place 2. What A Difference A Day Makes 3. Smile and Dream 4. Call Me 5. Come To Me Softly 6. Sit Down and Talk To Me 7. Pennies From Heaven 8. Down at Myrtle Beach 9. Lover's Holiday 10. Shangri-La
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JD Cash - Summer Place

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