I'm Just Saying - The Castaways
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The Castaways, current  release of 12 new tunes, covers and originals penned by the group. The project is dedicated to the generations of Castaways members that started the band 50 years ago and continued to keep it going through good times and bad.  
KHP 1097
Release Date:  June 2011
Tracks -
1. Be  My Sugar
2. Knockin' On Your Door
3. Holdin' My Own
4. Show me the Money
5. I (Who Have Nothing)
6. Bury Me On The Beach
7. Love Will Conquer All
8. Come Up And See Me Sometime
9. Forever Summer
10. Get Up
11. So Long
12. I'm Just Sayin'
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I'm Just Saying - The Castaways

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